Faculties Incharge:

  • Mr.K.Ganesan,AP/EEE
  • Mr.T.Hari Prasath,AP/EEE


The Industry Institute Interaction Cell (III Cell) has been functioning in the college actively to promote closer interaction between the institution and the industry. The purpose of the cell is to find out the gap between the need of the industry and the end product of the institute. The cell acts as the bridge between the industry, the real world and the institute. The experts from the neighbouring industries will mark their presence in the campus, interact with the students and also the role of recent technology that had been incorporated in their industry will be shared during the session. The projects and the products developed by the students will also be shared with the resource person. The highlights of the research activities in our institute will be highlighted. The outcome of the session such as industrial training, value-added course, and industrial visit for students/faculties will be discussed and will be circulated among the faculties. MoU’s will also be signed based on the interest expressed by the Industrial person. The active functioning of III cell has laid a platform to make our participation in ARIIA ranking. The result had been in our favour as our institution secured PROMISING Band in the ARIIA ranking 2021. The focus had been now shifted towards the launch of Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) for our institute.


The members of III Cell (AY: 2021-22)

S.No. Name of the Faculty member Designation Capacity Department
1. Mr. K.Ganesan Assistant Professor Institute Coordinators EEE
2. Mr. T. Hari Prasath Assistant Professor
3. Mr. B. Muthukrishna Vinayagam Assistant Professor Dept. In-charge CSE / AI&DS
4. Mr. C. Raj Kannan Assistant Professor Dept. In-charge IT
5. Mr. R. Ashok Assistant Professor Dept. In-charge ECE
6. Mr. T. Hari Prasath Assistant Professor Dept. In-charge EEE
7. Dr. S. Karthikumar Associate Professor Dept. In-charge BT
8. Dr. P. Narayanasamy Associate Professor Dept. In-charge MECH
9. Mr. M. Subahar Assistant Professor Dept. In-charge CIVIL
10. Mr. P. Balasundar Assistant Professor Dept. In-charge MTR
11. Dr. S. Shamim Rishwana Assistant Professor Dept. In-charge CHEM
12. Dr. M. Shanthi Assistant Professor Dept. In-charge PHY

III Cell Activities

S.No. Date Resource Person Topic
1. 11.12.2021 Er.T.Prithiviraaj Pet
Edison Engineer
General Electric Aviation, Bangalore.
Recent Trends in Aviation sector
2. 21.12.2021 Mr.S.V.Suraj Sundara Shankar, M.B.A.
Managing Partner
SVS Foods, Madurai.
Entrepreneurial Experience
3. 23.12.2021 Er.N.Ragupathi Muthu, M.Tech.
Sree Minniyal Ragu Enterprises, Sivakasi.
Commercial Design of Solar PV systems
4. 10.03.2022 Mr. J. Saravanan
Managing Director
SmartAnt Technologies, Madurai.
Digital Marketing
5. 17.03.2022 Mr. A.Vigneshwaran
Smartories Technologies Pvt. Ltd,Chennai.
Industry 4.0

Ministry of Education (MoE), Govt. of India has established ‘MoE’s Innovation Cell (MIC)’ to systematically foster the culture of Innovation among all Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The primary mandate of MIC is to encourage, inspire and nurture young students by supporting them to work with new ideas and transform them into prototypes while they are informative years. MIC has envisioned encouraging creation of ‘Institution’s Innovation Council (IICs) across selected HEIs. A network of IICs are established to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the Institution through multitudinous modes leading to an innovation promotion ecosystem in the campuses. MIC has established Institution's Innovation Council in more than 2700 Institutions till December 2021.

Major Focus

  • To create a vibrant local innovation ecosystem.
  • To promote Start-up supporting mechanism.
  • To prepare the institute for Atal Ranking of institutions on innovation achievements framework.
  • To establish function ecosystem for scouting ideas and pre-incubation of ideas.
  • To develop better cognitive ability among students.

Function of IIC

  • To conduct various Innovation, IPR and entrepreneurship-related activities prescribed by MIC in time bound fashion.
  • Identify and reward innovations and share success stories.
  • Organize periodic workshops/ seminars/ interactions with entrepreneurs, investors, professionals and create a mentor pool for student innovators.

The members of IIC

S.No. Name of the Faculty member Designation Role
1 Dr. S. Senthil Principal President
2 Dr. D. Prince Winston Professor & Head / EEE Vice-President
3 Mr. T. Hari Prasath Assistant Professor / EEE Convenor
4 Dr. D. Velumani Assistant Professor / CIVIL Innovation activity coordinator
5 Dr. P. Narayanasamy Associate Professor / MECH Start-up activity coordinator
6 Mr. S. Ramesh Prabhu Assistant Professor / EEE Internship coordinator
7 Dr. S. Karthikumar Assistant Professor / BT IPR activity coordinator
8 Mrs. R. P. Sri Rama Priya Aptitude Trainer / TDP Cell Social Media coordinator
9 Mr. K. Ganesan Assistant Professor / EEE ARIIA coordinator
10. Dr. S. Gandhi Professor & Head / PT NIRF coordinator
11. Mr. B. Muthukrishna Vinayagam Assistant Professor / CSE Member
12. Mr. C. Raj Kannan Assistant Professor /IT Member
13. Mr. R. Ashok Assistant Professor / ECE Member
14. Mr. M. Subahar Assistant Professor / CIVIL Member
15. Mr. P. Balasundar Assistant Professor / MTR Member
16. Dr. S. Shamim Rishwana Assistant Professor / CHEM Member
17. Dr. M. Shanthi Assistant Professor / PHY Member

2021-2022 III Cell and IIC Activities

Activity Name Activity Type Activity Theme Event Date Student Participants Faculty Participants Objective
Exposure and field visit for problem identification Field Visit R&D and Innovation 1/29/2022 34 11 To discuss the field visit that we made to TVS Srichakra Limited, Madurai for real time problem identification
My Story - Motivational Session by Successful Innovators. Motivation Speech Entrepreneurship 2/17/2022 20 24 The importance of guidance of mentor institution for promoting innovative skills & entrepreneurship
Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Innovation as Career Opportunity Workshop R&D and Innovation 2/24/2022 42 8 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship, Importance of innovation in project works,
National Science Day Contest Design Thinking & Critical Thinking 3/3/2022 139 15 To expose the various hidden talents of students and stimulate their participation.
Awareness and Quiz on Entrepreneurship Contest Entrepreneurship 2/28/2022 600 4 Business Ideas, Entrepreneurship Skills, Technopreneurs, Funding from Government bodies
Session on How to plan for Start-up and legal Ethical Steps Workshop Startup 3/23/2022 40 10 To understand the basic steps involved in the process of startup, legal & ethical steps guiding it
Field/Exposure Visit to Incubation Unit/Patent Facilitation Centre/Technology Transfer Centre Field Visit Incubation and Pre Incubation 4/19/2022 25 2 Role of Mentor Institute in supporting Start-ups, Importance of innovation, Funding Schemes
National Technology Day Techfest on Innovation R&D and Innovation 5/28/2022 400 30 To expose the various hidden talents of students and stimulate their participation.
Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and IP management for start up Workshop IPR 4/26/2022 57 10 To create more awareness on IPR on commemoration of world intellectual property rights day celebration
World Intellectual Property Day Motivation Speech IPR 3/9/2022 169 10 to promote the National Intellectual Property Awareness Mission (NIPAM) Scheme of India Patent, GoI
Current trends in Synthetic Biology Seminar/Case Studies R&D and Innovation 5/20/2022 78 15 To share the idea and experience in the field of synthetic biology with young minds.
Out of the box thinking for problem solving Seminar/Case Studies Design Thinking & Critical Thinking 6/28/2022 32 10 To make the students understand the uniqueness in thinking aspects for solving problems
Organise Session on Lean Start-up & Minimum Viable Product/Business- Boot Camp (or) Mentoring Session Workshop Startup 7/25/2022 35 8 Identify the highlight of your product Business Interactions, Design a Business model
Session on Accelerators/Incubation - Opportunities for Students & Faculties - Early Stage Entrepreneurs Workshop Entrepreneurship 7/22/2022 36 10 Schemes for Starting business Government Funding schemes for students
Session on Angel Investment/VC Funding Opportunity for Early Stage Entrepreneurs. Workshop Entrepreneurship 7/20/2022 38 12 To know about the funding opportunity for early-stage entrepreneurs. 2.Angel Investment/VC Funding
Workshop on Personality Development towards Entrepreneurship Workshop Entrepreneurship 7/21/2022 50 5 Personality Development towards Entrepreneurship, How to face barriers in business?
Session/ Panel discussion with innovation and Start-up Ecosystem Enablers from the region/state/national level Motivation Speech Startup 7/29/2022 61 11 Fundamentals of Startups, Importance of innovation in project works. About startup supporters
Session on Innovation/Prototype Validation, Converting Innovation into a Start-up or Session on Achieving Value Proposition Business Fit Workshop R&D and Innovation 7/27/2022 49 12 Fundamentals of Design thinking. Importance of innovation in project works. Basic needs for startup
Participation of IIC Institutions in IIC Regional Meets Other Startup 8/8/2022 0 4 To interact and establish a strong network among other IIC institutions.
Fundamentals of Export Motivation Speech Entrepreneurship 8/30/2022 33 8 To create awareness and share the importance of export economy in India. Concept of Global export
World Environment Day Motivation Speech R&D and Innovation 6/28/2022 42 9 Awareness towards the schemes available that are supported by Tamil Nadu Government.
Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning & Data Science – How it works in Industrial Applications Seminar/Case Studies Design Thinking & Critical Thinking 7/30/2022 125 25 Fundamental concepts of ML and NLP. • Getting clarification of real time application that uses ML
Session/ Workshop on Business Model Canvas (BMC) Workshop Startup 8/3/2022 60 8 To know about the business model canvas. Business Model Canvas & its importance for entrepreneurship
World Nature Conservation Day Field Visit Design Thinking & Critical Thinking 7/28/2022 21 6 To create awareness in conserving the nature and to protect the nature against human activities.
Innovation in Energy Audit and Green Audit Seminar/Case Studies R&D and Innovation 7/18/2022 52 7 Innovations in Energy Audit and Green Audit • Start-Up Opportunities in Energy Auditing.
Demo Day/Exhibition/Poster Presentation of Start-ups developed & linkage with Innovation Ambassadors for mentorship support. Contest R&D and Innovation 8/4/2022 23 8 Fundamentals of Start-Ups, Entrepreneurship & Importance of innovation in project works
Innovation Entrepreneurship in HEIs for Aatmanirbhar Bharat Celebrating 75 Years of Independence -Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Contest Design Thinking & Critical Thinking 8/12/2022 32 9 Importance of Patriotism and incorporating human values through holistic education
Innovative Ideas- A valuable Tool for an Engineer Leadership Talk R&D and Innovation 8/13/2022 43 7 To highlight the importance of IDEAS. Conversion of Innovative Ideas into Marketable product


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