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Education plays a significant role in breaking the shackles of ignorance. It offers knowledge, knowledge that is not merely bookish or tutored, but the knowledge that enables us to achieve original understanding.

Educating students is part of the college's fundamental mission. While working with them, I discover in many cases their education, stretch beyond the classroom and prepares them for careers and professional life. While our college's programmes are rigorous, additional professional and personal growth results from experiences outside the classroom- in plant trainings, clubs and competitions.

Updating new skills have become the order of the day. Only a person willing to learn new things can see the problems and challenges in their right perspective and offer lasting, sustainable and comprehensive solutions.

A rare combination of youth and technology is driving a wave of change in the developing nations. Our country is heavily dependent on youth power. With this in mind, we encourage each member of our educational system to work together to provide the highest quality educational program possible. I am proud to state, "Kamaraj College of Engineering & Technology is a positive place where everyone learns and succeeds. We believe in the philosophy "Teamwork makes the dream work."

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