S.No. Date Name of the Programme
1 03.01.2022 An Alumni Guest Lecture on "Goal Setting on Long Term and Short Term"
2 05.01.2022 Seminar: Awareness Programme on "Posco Act Awareness"
3 06.01.2022 Faculty Peer Enablement Programme on "Knowledge Sharing"
4 08.01.2022 Awareness Programme on InfyTQ Foundation Courses on "Knowledge Sharing"
5 08.01.2022 & 09.01.2022 Students Project selected for the next stage - Two day Boot Camp Virtual Assistant Chatbot for Government Schemes
6 11.01.2022 Guest Lecture on "Placement Exposure"
7 11.01.2022 & 12.01.2022 DST-SERB sponsored two day online FDP on "Design and Development of Machine Learning Model for Remote Monitoring and Control of Hybrid Microgrid in Educational Institutions using Smart Sensor Network and IoT"
8 11.01.2022 Webinar on "Awareness on upcoming Government Exams"
9 12.01.2022 Awareness Programme on "No Plastics Tree Plantation towards Sustainability"
10 13.01.2022 Alumni Interaction on "Career Driven"
11 13.01.2022 Guest Lecture on "Career in Robotics",and Alumni Interaction with Mechatronics Engineering students
12 13.01.2022 Alumni Guest Lecture on "Industry exposure"
13 19.01.2022 Webinar on "Awareness Programme"
14 19.01.2022 Faculty Orientation Programme on "Awareness about the functions of IQAC, Preparedness for NAAC, NIRF and NBA"
15 21.01.2022 Alumni Interaction on Opportunities for Biotech Students in Medical Coding and its Current Trend
16 21.01.2022 Guest Lecture on "Scope of 3D Building Modelling using Revit Architecture"
17 22.01.2022 E-Nalanda 2022 -Workshop on "Art and Science of Online Teaching"
18 24.01.2022 Webinar on "National Girl Child Day"
19 24.01.2022 Seminar on Patent Drafting and Filing- IPR
20 25.01.2022 Alumni Interaction - Project and Placement Preparation on "Career Driven"
21 25.01.2022 Webinar on "Posco act Awareness"
22 27.01.2022 Skill Development Camp to Promote Entrepreneurship using derived products of Athalakkai
23 27.01.2022 Webinar on "Green Village"
24 27.01.2022 & 28.01.2022 Training Programme for Non-Teaching Staff Members on "UPS and Battery Maintenance for Technicians"
25 29.01.2022 Institution's Innovation Council Organizes the Programme on Exposure and field visit for Problem Identification
26 29.01.2022 Webinar on "Art from Plastic Waste"
27 29.01.2022 Lecture Series on "Copyright"
28 31.01.2022 Awareness Programme on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
29 04.02.2022 Professional Development Programme for Non-Teaching Staff on "Accreditation Process"
30 05.02.2022 Hands on Training on Basic Fire Fighting for Non-Teaching Staff Members
31 05.02.2022 Professional Development Program for Teaching Faculty - "Hands on session on Poster Design using Canva"
32 05.02.2022 Webinar on "Cashless India"
33 05.02.2022 Faculty Peer Enablement Programme on "Overview of Wireless Sensor Network"
34 07.02.2022 & 11.02.2022 ISTE Sponsored Faculty- Industry Immersion Programme (FIIP) on "Machine learning with Jetson Nano"
35 08.02.2022 Guest Lecture on "A Need in Higher Education - Projects and Proposals"
36 10.02.2022 Guest Lecture on "Thinking of becoming a Scientist"
37 10.02.2022 Guest lecture on "Recent Research in Electrical Engineering"
38 11.02.2022 Awareness Program on "Health and Hygiene"
39 14.02.2022 Department Level Competition on "Math Project Cum Model Competition"
40 15.02.2022 Lecture Series on "Challenges and Hints for a Draft to Scientific Publications: Editor Perspective"
41 15.02.2022 to 21.02.2022 Internship on IoT for VVV college students
42 18.02.2022 Infosys Awareness Program on Spring Board - Briefing
43 21.02.2022 & 22.02.2022 A two days Hardware Training Session on "Embedded and Robotics Kit Modules using LabVIEW"
44 21.02.2022 Seminar on Butterfly Counting
45 21.02.2022 Seminar on Birds Counting
46 23.02.2022 Webinar on Awareness on "Human Rights"
47 24.02.2022 Guest Lecture on "GATE Preparation"
48 28.02.2022 National Science Day Celebration Events
49 23.02.2022 Incorporating National Education Policy in NAAC Frame Work
50 02.03.2022 ISTE Student Chapter organised a Guest Lecture on Recent Trends in Embedded Systems
51 03.03.2022 Poster Presentation on Coding Techniques for First year students
52 03.03.2022 & 04.03.2022 Virtual Workshop on Advanced Trends in Surveying Techniques
53 04.03.2022 One-day workshop on "Industrial Automation using Pneumatics"
54 04.03.2022 Alumni Guest Lecture on "Job Scopes in EEE and Role of Electrical Engineers in Designing"
55 04.03.2022 & 05.03.2022 Awareness Programme on Child Education ( Bike Rally)
56 05.03.2022 E-Phone Event, VTV (Visual to Vocabulary) Contest
57 07.03.2022 Alumni Guest Lecture Series on "Placement Opportunities through Linkedin"
58 08.03.2022 Women's Day Celebration for all Girl Students & Lady Faculty Members
59 09.03.2022 Motivation Camp on "Self Employment Government Schemes among Engineering Students
60 09.03.2022 Webinar on "Recent Trends in Robotics"
61 09.03.2022 Intellectual Property Rights Awareness Program on "National Intellectual Property Awareness Mission (NIPAM) Scheme"
62 10.03.2022 Guest Lecture on "Digital Marketing"
63 10.03.2022 Guest Lecture on "Application Development - Coding Techniques"
64 10.03.2022 Guest Lecture "Nuclear Energy - An Option for Green Energy," and Science Exhibition"
65 11.03.2022 TVS Sri Chakra Tyres at college level visited
66 12.03.2022 Trekking Programme at Kaatalagar Temple, Srivilliputhur
67 14.03.2022 ISTE Student Chapter organized a "Project Contest"
68 17.03.2022 Guest Lecture on "Industry 4.0"
69 18.03.2022 Seven Days Foundation Aptitude Training Programme
70 18.03.2022 One Day Workshop on "Embedded Systems & Robotics using Firebird Platform"
71 18.03.2022 & 19.03.2022 International Conference on "Sustainable Materials and Innovative Technologies"
72 22.03.2022 Guest Lecture on Domains in IT Industry
73 23.03.2022 Students Development Programme on Competent Qualities
74 23.03.2022 Workshop on Industrial Automation Using Pneumatics & PLC
75 25.03.2022 Guest Lecture on Industrial Trends in IT and Its Expectations
76 26.03.2022 Workshop on "How to Writer a Good Project Proposal for Funding"
77 28.03.2022 Guest Lecture on Applications of Pneumatics in Industries
78 29.03.2022 Guest Lecture on Recent Trends in Drone Technology
79 29.03.2022 ISTE Student Chapter organized a "Project Contest"
80 29.03.2022 ISTE Sponsored Student's Chapter organized a " Project Proposal Writing Competition"

S.No. Date Name of the Programme
1 06.04.2022 An Alumni Interaction Programme on An Info - Talk on Bio - Career
2 07.04.2022 A Virtual Internships in Networking, Programming and Cyber Security through Cisco Networking Academy
3 06.04.2022 to 09.04.2022 Value Added Courses for III CSE III ADS students on different domains such as AWS cloud, Flutter, Fundamentals of Block Chain and Crypto currency
4 07.04.2022 A guest lecture on Role of Electrical Engineers in Indian Power Sector
5 08.04.2022 to 09.04.2022 An International Conference (KICRTET 2022) was conducted through Online mode
6 09.04.2022 An alumni guest lecture on Job roles in IT sector (without coding skills) and how to create an attractive LinkedIn profile
7 11.04.2022 An Alumni Interaction program on Importance of Research and Publications as a Biotechnology students
8 11.04.2022 A guest lecture on Sustainable Green Energy Buildings
9 11.04.2022 A guest lecture on Expectation of Industries Expectation of Industries
10 11.04.2022 A guest lecture on IoT Alumnus Interaction
11 11.04.2022 to 13.04.2022 Zoho Focussed Training for students
12 11.04.2022 to 17.04.2022 NSS Special Camp at Chitthoor Village
13 13.04.2022 An Alumni Interaction program on Opportunities in Management Sector for Biotechnologists.
14 13.04.2022 TechnoVision 2k22
15 19.04.2022 TALC INTIA CLUB - MAKSFETE22 - MARCH 2022
16 20.04.2022 A Medical Camp for Girl Hostel Students and Lady Staff Members on Awareness Talk on Mammogram
17 20.04.2022 Old Age Home visit at Virudhunagar
18 20.04.2022 Workshop on Flower Bouquet making To showcase and enhance students creativity
19 20.04.2022 to 23.04.2022 Value Added Courses
20 22.04.2022 A guest lecture on Machine Learning: To know about basics of Machine Learning
21 22.04.2022 An Industry guest lecture on Industry Exposure
22 22.04.2022 An alumni Interaction program
23 25.04.2022 A guest lecture organized by Indian Plastic Institute Student Chapter on Knowledge Transfer
24 26.04.2022 A seminar regarding the World Intellectual Property Day Celebration on How to convert a Project into a Patent
25 27.04.2022 ISTE sponsored Technical Quiz competition
26 29.04.2022 Research Lab Tour organized by RD Cell
27 29.04.2022 to 30.04.2022 A two day hands on Workshop on IoT Applications
28 30.04.2022 A guest lecture on Control and Directional Valves
29 02.05.2022 An Alumni Interaction Programme on Job Opportunities
30 03.05.2022 Cycle Rally Awareness on Green India
31 04.05.2022 IETE Organized Technical Talk Technical Quiz Competition
32 09.05.2022 Workshop on START UP
33 09.05.2022 to 12.05.2022 Hands on Training Program on LabVIEW with CLAD Exam
34 13.05.2022 Special guest lecture on Research Opportunities in Central Power Research Institute
35 17.05.2022 A workshop on Block chain titled BLOCK-SMITH
36 19.05.2022 A one day Engineering Clinic on Troubleshooting in Computing and Multimedia Tools.
37 20.05.2022 A one day workshop on Effective Public Speaking
38 21.05.2022 Achievers Day Celebration
39 23.05.2022 A one day Seminar on Industrial Automation on Electro pneumatics
40 24.05.2022 IE EDC guest lecture on To improve Technical Knowledge in mobile Services
41 24.05.2022 A CSI Sponsored guest lecture on Recent trends in applications of Algorithms
42 27.05.2022 A one day workshop contest on Hands-on Training following by a contest on Video making
43 27.05.2022 A one day Webinar on VLSI and its Scope
44 27.05.2022 KCET BUILD-D-A-THAN 2022
45 28.05.2022 A Mini-Marathon Competition for boys to create awareness on Green India (Kamaraj Greenathan)
46 28.05.2022 World Environment Day Celebration
47 28.05.2022 National Technology Day Celebration
48 05.07.2022 A guest lecture on Job Opportunities of CIVIL Engineering in Government Sectors
49 01.06.2022 IoT - Project Exhibition
50 20.06.2022 to 24.06.2022 ICTACT sponsored a Five day Faculty Development Programme on Cloud Practitioner (AWS)
51 21.06.2022 21st International Yoga Day Awareness Programme on YOGA and Health
52 25.06.2022 A guest lecture on Exploring Happiness

S.No. Date Name of the Programme
1 02.07.2022 A one day workshop on Intellectual Property Rights given by Dr.M.Kantha Babu, Ph.D., Director, Centre for Intellectual Property Rights (CIPR), College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University, Chennai.
2 04.07.2022 to 09.07.2022 A six day online FDTP on Immunology sponsored by Center for Faculty Development, Anna University, Chennai.
3 04.07.2022 to 09.07.2022 A one week Internship on Developing IoT Products in Association with VEI Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Chennai given by Dr.B.Ezhilavan, Managing Director, VEI Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Chennai.
4 05.07.2022 to 12.07.2022 FDP on Problem solving using C given by Mr.Sridha, Trainer, Finemind, Coimbatore.
5 11.07.2022 An Industrial visit to Community Radio in Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Sathiya Mangalam Air Media Interface at Coimbatore by faculty members.
6 13.07.2022 to 30.07.2022 A eight day training on TCS, CTS, Wipro focused Company Specific Programming Training given by trainers from FineMind, Coimbatore.
7 14.07.2022 Cultural programme on Kamaraj Birthday Celebration 2022 organised by Fine Arts Club
8 16.07.2022 A guest lecture on Scope of Coding in Mechanical Engineering given by Mr. K. Balamurugan, Project Manager, AlfaTKG Integrated Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Chennai.
9 18.07.2022 19.07.2022 Life Skill Training organised by TDP cell given by Mr.P.Thanikai Vel Pandian, Leadership Relationship Coach, Founder Director, Vision 20 Plus.
10 18.07.2022 An alumni Interaction on Job Opportunities given by Mr.Mariya Prabhu, Senior Clinical Data Coordinator, Clinical data management, IQVIA, Bangalore
11 18.07.2022 A guest lecture on Computational Fluid Dynamics and its Application given by Dr.V.T.Perarasu, AP, Chemical Engineering, A.C.Tech, Anna University, Chennai.
12 18.07.2022 A guest lecture on Sustainable production of biogas through anaerobic digestion from food waste given by Dr.V.Sivasubramanian, Prof. Chemical Engineering, NIT, Calicut.
13 19.07.2022 A guest lecture on Software Engineering and its applications given by Dr.R.Mohan, Assistant Professor, Department of CSE, National Institute of Technology, Trichy.
14 19.07.2022 A guest lecture on Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing given by Dr.N.Siva Shanmugam, AP-Mech, National Institute of Technology, Trichy.
15 20.07.2022 Workshop on Angel Investment / VC Funding Opportunity for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs given by Dr.M.Subburajan, Nodal Officer, Agri Clinics and Agri Business Centres (AC ABC) Scheme, Madurai.
16 21.07.2022 Demo Session on Campus Network Tour given by Mr.S. Balasubramanian, System Administrator, KCET
17 21.07.2022 A guest lecture on Equipping Students from Campus to Corporate given by Mr.R.Jeyakumar, Director, Optisol Business Solution, Madurai organised by III cell.
18 21.07.2022 A guest lecture on Personality Development towards Entrepreneurship given by Mr.J.Manohar, M.E., Proprietor, Mano Innovations Club, Kovilpatti.
19 22.07.2022 Hands-on Training Session on Introduction to Endnote-A Reference management Software.
20 23.07.2022 Impact Lecture Session II on Can I innovate? - A Design thinking approach Entrepreneurial Behaviour, Sponsored by MoE's Innovation cell, AICTE, Newdelhi organised by III cell.
21 27.07.2023 A guest lecture on Essentials of Concrete mix Design given by Dr.A. Rajasekar, AP_CIVIL, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai.
22 29.07.2022 An Invited lecture for III Year ECE Students given by Mr.S. Jegan, Senior Engineering Manager, Comcast, Chennai.
23 30.07.2022 A guest lecture on the topic Basics of AUTOSAR given by H.Sharukkhan, Operations -Head, Mac Melon Engineering Business Solutions, Madurai.
24 30.07.2022 A guest lecture on Skill Expectation for Core Industries given by Mr.M. Chinna Thambi, Senior Manager, M/s. Viasat India(I) Pvt. Ltd., Chenai.
25 30.07.-2022 A guest lecture on Convolutional Neural Network and the Application given by Dr.V.Sathiesh Kumar, AP, Department of Electronics, Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai.
26 30.07.2022 A guest lecture on Industry Expectation Readiness Mr.K. Manoganesh, Solution Architect, Xmplar Management Solution Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.
27 30.07.2022 An alumni Interaction on Entrepreneurship given by Mr. Lena Serma Kannan, Proprietor, Lena Modern Rice Mill, Madurai.
28 30.07.2022 A guest lecture on Research opportunities and student Project / Intern facilities given by Dr.G.Arhtanareeshwaran, Prof. Chemical Engineering, NIT, Trichy.
29 30.07.2022 A guest lecture on Research opportunities in AMRF and in central government research institute given by Dr.Gowri Priya, Principal Scientist, Aravind Medica Research Foundation, Madurai.
30 30.07.2022 A workshop on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Data Science given by Mr.Cibe Sridharan, Senior Data Scientist, Hyderabad.
31 01.08.2022 A motivation talk on Achieving Success in Career - Grooming ourselves for industrial expectations given by Vijayapriya Prakash, Senior Director, CTS, Chennai.
32 03.08.2022 An IPR Awareness Program for third year students under National Intellectual Property Awareness Mission (NIPAM) Scheme given by Mr.A.Seetha Raman, Examiner of Patents and Designs, Patent Office, Chennai.
33 03.08.2022 A workshop on Business Model Canvas given by Er.C.P.Ajay, Proprietor, Ajay Minerals, Virudhunagar.
34 04.08.2022 Organize the Demo/Poster presentation Contest, given by Mr.S.Avinash, Founder CEO, Incrix Techlutions LLP, Chennai.
35 04.08.2022 An alumni Interaction on Job Opportunities given by Mr.Siby Murugan, Senior Association Morgan Stanley, Bangalore Branch.
36 04.08.2022 An alumni Interaction on Job Opportunities given by Mr.Mohammad Thamizul, Project manager Wipro, Chennai.
37 05.08.2022 06.08.2022 A programme Concrete Cube Strength Competition 2022 organized in association with Consulting Civil Engineers (India) Madurai Centre Indian Concrete Institute Madurai Centre.
38 06.08.2022 Happiness Program for Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff Members to improve the mental well-being of Teaching and Non-Teaching staff members was organised
39 06.08.2022 An alumni Interaction on Job Opportunities in Renewable Energy field given by Mr. Megan Prasanth, Electrical Engineer, OM, Solar Division, Pioneer Wincon, Madurai.
40 08.08.2022 A guest lecture on Quit India Movement given by Dr.S.Senthil, Principal / KCET NCC Alumni, CPL. T.Suguna, CSUO. V.Ajay Karthik, CDT L. Benita margret.
41 08.08.2022 Logo Fest22 - Logo Identification and Design in association with CYBERHEFT.
42 08.08.2022 A guest lecture on Wind Energy - Expected Growth in India given by Dr.N.Karuna Murthy, Managing Director and Founder, Wind Plus Pvt. Ltd.
43 11.08.2022 A guest lecture on Drive Against Drugs given by Mr.V. Vasanthakumar, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Sub Inspector, K.M. Rameshbabu, Thirumangalam.
44 12.08.2022 An alumni Interaction on Landing Your Dream Job Tips and Tricks to Nail your Interview given by Mr.M. Subbu Swaroop, Senior Software Engineer Freshworks, Chennai Mr.R.Manoj Kumar, Production Service Specialist, Bank of America, Chennai.
45 13.08.2022 A session on Innovative Ideas- A valuable tool for an engineer given by Mr. Vishnu Prasad M J, Associate Consultant - ESG,KPMG in India, Bangalore.
46 13.08.2022 A guest lecture on Good Habits Make All Difference.
47 13.08.2022 Poster making competition for all students on Dangers of Drug Menace.
48 16.08.2022 A Hands-on workshop on Building Responsive Websites using Bootstrap 5.
49 17.08.2022 A seminar on Research Methodology for all the faculty members given by Dr.Indran Suyambulingam, Research Scientist, Natural Composites Research Group Lab, King Mongkut's University of Technology, Bangkok.
50 17.08.2022 An alumni Interaction on Professionalism in Industries on Mr.V. Jayakumar, Life Coach, Consultant.
51 18.08.2022 Faculty Peer Enablement on Overview of Wireless Sensor Network.
52 18.08.2022 An alumni guest lecture on Programming of Industrial Robots for Various Applications given by Er, P. Gajendran, Trainee Engineer, CYGNII Automation Pvt Ltd, Pune.
53 18.08.2022 An alumni guest lecture on Job Opportunities given by Mr.A.K.Kavin, Commander, Indian Navy.
54 22.08.2022 An alumni guest lecture on Job Opportunities given by Ms.Arul Selvi, Science Teacher, Bohunt Scholl Worthing, London.
55 23.08.2022 A one day workshop on Hands-on Training in Exam Management Software and its Usability given by COE .
56 23.08.2022 A seminar on Getting a Journey with Aibaba Cloud Computing given by Mr.M. Maheswarekumar, Senior Consultant, HCL Technologies, Chennai.
57 24.08.2022 A guest lecture on Quality Control in Construction - Good Construction Practices Selection of Construction Materials given by Mr.R.Vijayakumar, Manager - Technical Services, The Ramco Cements Limited.
58 24.08.2022 Distribution of Kamaraj Seed Money Grant (KSMG-2022) by Mr.T.J.Jeyakumar, Secretary, KCET, VNR.
59 26.08.2022 Cyber heft Organized an Alumni Interaction Program on Highlights of Higher Studies given by Er.E. Ajay, Alumni of CSE.
60 27.08.2022 A one day workshop on Getting Familiarize with GIT and GITHUB (A Hands on Training).
61 27.08.2022 ISTE conducted Prototype validation for converting e-waste into product.
62 29.08.2022 An entrepreneurship training program conducted by JCI.Sen.Binu.Jacob, Provisional National Trainer, Zone XVIII, JCI, India.
63 01.09.2022 to 07.09.2022 Value Added Course on Machine Learning and AI was given to EEE students.
64 01.09.2022 A guest lecture on Quantum Computing and Research Funding Opportunities given by Mr.Kathiresan Sundarappan, Former DRDO Scientist, Freelance in Aerospace, System Engineering and Quantum Computing, Bangalore.
65 06.09.2022 A special lecture on Entrepreneurship as Career Opportunity for Third Final Year Students given by Dr.I.Sankar, New Generation Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre, National Engineering College, Kovilpatti.
66 07.09.2022 A guest lecture on Quantum Computing and its Funding Opportunities for faculty members given by Mr.Kathiresan Sundarappan, Former DRDO Scientist, Freelance in Aerospace, System Engineering and Quantum. Computing, Bangalore
67 07.09.2022 A guest lecture on Career Guidance given by Mr.A.Ramakrishnan, Onshore Lead, DXC Technology, Canada.
68 08.09.2022 An awareness program to create about awareness Animia Cervical Cancer for Girl Students Lady Faculty Members given by Dr.R.Chitra Manikandan.
69 09.09.2022 An alumni Interaction on Central Government Opportunities and Examinations for Biotech Students given by Mr.Bhavesh, Undergraduate Alumni
70 09.09.2022 An alumni Interaction on Central Government Opportunities and Examinations for Biotech Students given by Ms.Niruthi, Poste Graduate fellow, NIT, Durgapur.
71 12.09.2022 A workshop on Electric Vehicles given by Dr.N. Manivannan, Managing Director, Techland Automation, Trichy.
72 14.09.2022 An alumni guest lecture on Job opportunities in other countries given by Mr.Mahendran, Chief Electronics Engineer, Iqnexues, New Zealand.
73 15.09.2022 A guest lecture on Electrical Design given by Ms. S. Gnanaanusuya, Senior Electrical Design Engineer, Michelin Tyres India Private Limited, Gummudipoondi, Chennai.
74 16.09.2022 A guest lecture on Cloud computing with AWS in association with Computer Society of India was organized.
75 17.09.2022 An alumni Interaction on PG and Research Opportunities in Switzerland given by Mr.Varun Baskar, Post Doctoral Fellow, Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland.
76 19.09.2022 An alumni Interaction on Mock Interview given by Mr.T. Malik Chandra Pandian, DevOps Engineer, Centizen Inc., Tirunelveli.
77 19.09.2022 A free simcard distribution to the students and Staff Members given by Er.R.K.Suresh Kumar, Assistant General Manager, BSNL, Madurai.
78 20.09.2022 Women's Cell Internal Complaints Committee jointly organised various Competition on National Nutrition Week.
79 20.09.2022 An ISTE Students Chapter conducted Poster Presentation on Advanced Structure and Technologies in civil Engineering.
80 20.09.2022 A guest lecture on Pride and Future Scope of Civil Engineering given by Er.L.Ganesh Kannan, ARELGEE Structural Consultants, Madurai.
81 20.09.2022 A one day seminar on Antenna Design, Fabrication and Testing given by Mr.R.Shashikumar, RF Design Engineer, Eutuple Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru.
82 21.09.2022 An ISTE and Engineers day celebration on Tech talk event (Solution for a problem).
83 22.09.2022 A guest lecture on Thermal Braking Systems on Er.A. Alagarsamy, Chief Loco Inspector, Mechanical Engineer, Central Railways, Pune.
84 23.09.2022 India Design Week - Fusion 360 Workshop given by Mr.Deviyaprasanth, Sr.Technical Trainer, ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu.
85 24.09.2022 NSS Day was celebrated on planting Neem and Ashoka plant in the college.
86 24.09.2022 An alumni Interaction on Career Guidance given by Dr.R.Venkatesan, AP_CSE, Karunya University, Coimbatore.
87 26.9.2022 Debugging contest through the CYBERHEFT students' association DEBUG D BUG was organized.
88 26.09.2022 27.09.2022 A Boot camp on Fusion 360 on Design Challenge is conducted.
89 26.09.2022 to 30.09.2022 A Five day Skill Training on IoT and 3D Printing given by Mr.Jeevanandham Mr.Dinesh Kumar, IoT Trainers - Mr.Kumaran, 3D Printing Trainer.
90 28.09.2022 Library Carnival 2022 was Celebrated.
91 28.09.2022 A Workshop on Engineering clinic was organised by the resource persons from CSE Department Technicians System Administrator.

S.No. Date Name of the Programme
1 01.10.2022 IQAC organised Faculty Induction Program for Newly Joined Faculties by Principal, Dean Acadmic Courses, NBA NAAC Coordinator
2 01.10.2022 A workshop on Art of Setting Higher Order Thinking Level of Bloom Taxonomy by Dr.S. Karthikeyan, Prof. Department of Mech. Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai
3 07.10.2022 ISTE is organizing a one day FDP on Design Thinking by Dr.T.P.Sasikumar, Space Scientist Life Mentor, ISRO - Hyderabad
4 07.10.2022 Pledge - Celebration of Cyber Jaagookta Diwas organised by IT department
5 07.10.2022 A Seminar on Cyber Security Awareness by Dr.R.Arthy, AP_IT, KCET
6 12.10.2022 A Seminar on Study Abroad for a Good Future Career organised by BT Advisory Bureau for Higher Studies
7 13.10.2022 An Employment Enhancement Program - Campus to Career by Mr.K.C. Gurusamy, Proprietor - Sega Plascon Exports, Zone Trainer, JCI - India
8 14.10.2022 A workshop on Automated Testing using Selenium association with CYBERHEFT Association by Mrs.B. Santhi Priya, AP_CSE, KCET
9 15.10.2022 Competition on Concept Design of Point-of-Care Immunodiagonostics by Dr.M.Jeyalakshmi, Associate Professor, Department of Immunology, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai.
10 15.10.2022 A Guest Lecture on Benefit of Becoming ISHARE student member by Dr.G.Kumaraguruparan, Prof. / Mech., Thiagarajar College of Engg. Madurai
11 15.10.2022 A Seminar on Data Warehousing and Data Mining Applications by Dr.E. Sivasankar, AP_CSE, National Institute of Technology, Trichy
12 26.10.2022 A Guest Lecture on Electrical Design by Ms. S. Gnanaanusuya, Senior Electrical Design Engineer, Michelin Tyres India Private Limited, Gummudipoondi, Chennai
13 26.10.2022 An Online Interactive session by Ms.Priya Jawahar, Pan India, Consultant for Swinburne University, Australia
14 27.10.2022 A Seminar on Elevate your Research for faculty members by Dr.D.Prince Winston, Professor Dean (Resarch), KCET, VNR
15 27.10.2022 A Special lecture on Road Safety Awareness by Mr.D. Nagendran, Project Director, Road Safety Project
16 27.10.2022 An Awareness Program E-Resoruces of NDL by Dr.Vignesh Sornamohan, Chief Strategic and Outreach Officer at NDL of India, Delhi.
17 03.11.2022 04.11.2022 A Two day Hands on Training on NI myRIO Tool Kit organised by EEE
18 03.11.2022 Workshop on Hands on Weka Tool by Dr.J.Jesu Vedha nayahi, AP_CSE, Anna University Regional Campus, Tirunelveli.
19 05.11.2022 Hands-on Workshop on GUI applications in JAVA, organized through ISTE
20 05.11.2022 A Seminar on Cloud Computing and Getting started with AWS by Mr.M. Maheswarakumar, Senior Consultant, HCL Technologies, Madurai
21 05.11.2022 A workshop on Industrial Pneumatics by Er.S. Sasikumar, Deputy Manager | Training Marketing, SMC Corporation India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai.
22 08.11.2022 An Orientation on Valuation of Infrastructure Projects by Dr.N.Jegan Durai, Assistant Professor
23 09.11.2022 ISTE Competition / Contest by Dr.R.Shyam Kumar, Prof. Head,BT Dr.K.Geetha, ASP_BT
24 12.11.2022 Tech-O-Fest 2022 (Cultural Competitions) organised by Fine Arts club
25 16.11.2022 ISTE Chapter organised a guest lecture by Er V Dhanush Muhil, VISDEM Builders, Virudhunagar
26 16.11.2022 Mini Project Contest on IoT and Embedded System by Mr.B.Muthu Krishna Vinayagam, AP_CSE Mrs.P.Ramalakshmi, AP_ECE
27 19.11.2022 A workshop - Biotechnological approaches in breaking barriers to plastic recycling by Dr.S. Karthikumar, AP_BT, KCET
28 28.11.2022 A Seminar - Benefits of I-STEM Portal by Dr.Shameem Rishwana, AP_CHE_KCET
29 30.11.2022 A Peer Enablement Program on Web Pab @ Wordpress by Mr. S. Alwyn Rajiv, AP_ECE_KCET
30 02.12.2022 An One day workshop on Hands on Training on Virtual Lab by Mr.Saneesh, PF Project Managaer and Technical Lead of Physical Sciences, Virtual lab, Amirta University, Kerala
31 03.12.2022 A Guest Lecture on Invited Lecture on Lifestyle Modifications by Dr.J.Sangumani, Dean, Government Medical College, Virudhunagar.
32 05.12.2022 A guest lecture on Program on Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace by Mrs.S. Arunshenbagamani, ML Part-time Lecturer, VVV College
33 09.12.2022 A Seminar on Tamil mandram by Dr.B. Mariraj, AP_Tamil, VHNSN College, Virudhunagar.
34 09.12.2022 An one day Hands-on Training Program by Mr.K.Ganesan, AP_EEE, KCET Mr.R.Sakthivel Murugan, AP_Mech, KCET
35 09.12.2022 A guest lecture - Motivation Talk by Mr.T. Sriraman, Assistant Manager (Facility Management), Chennai Metro Rail Limited.
36 15.12.2022 to 17.12.2022 FDP on Web Application Development using Django Framework by Mr.S. Balaji, Director, LAMDA Tech Softics, Virudhunagar
37 22.12.2022 Hands-on Training on Mobile Application Development by Mrs.K.Muthulakshmi, AP-CSE Mr.B.MuthuKrishna Vinayagam, AP-CSE
38 24.12.2022 A guest lecture on Green Mensuration by Mrs. R. Rajavalli, Joint Secretary, RJ Mantra English School, Virudhunagar
39 24.12.2022 National Mathematics Day 2023 Competition Chief Guest Mrs. R. Rajavalli, Joint Secretary, RJ Mantra English School, Virudhunagar


S.No. Date Name of the Programme
1 02.01.2023 to 07.01.2023 Anna University Sponsored - Online – a Six Day FDTP on BLOCKCHAIN was conducted
2 04.01.2023 A guest lecture on “Interactive Session on Design Thinking and Design Patent” by Mr.Kaja Bantha Navas, AP_Fashion Technology, NIFT, Gandhi nagar
3 05.01.2023 to 10.01.2023 Value Added Course was conducted for II Year IT students (60) on Web Application Development using JSP and Web Services by Silicon Software Services, Madurai.
4 07.01.2023 A hands on training on Self Defence by Mr.Channa K.Nagaraj, Bushido Martial Arts, Madurai.
5 07.01.2023 A guest lecture on “Awareness on Drug Abuse” by Dr.Uthanda Harihara Sudhn, Dentist, Madurai District
6 09.01.2023 to 12.01.2023 A one day "Placement Induction Programe" for all the third years by Mr.R.Murali Dharan, TEDx Speaker, Director, Connect Training Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
7 11.01.2023 An alumni Interaction - Different Shades of Internship in Research by Dr.V.C. Padmanaban, Ap_BT, NIT, Agartala.
8 11.01.2023 An alumni guest lecture on “Current Trends in IT/Agile Process” by Er. Rajavel Bose, Associate Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services, Texas, USA.
9 12.01.2023 A seminar on “Operation Plan for your Carrier” by Mr.V.P.Balaji, Priga Solutions, Madurai
10 13.01.2023 Pongal Celebration 2023 was inaugurated & addressed by Mr.M. Dhinesh, Founder Dhaanyas Natural Products, Madurai.
11 21.01.2023 A guest lecture on Market Needs and Scope of Artificial Inelligentce and Data Science by Er.R.Anandha Murugan, Chief Technology Officer, Pruvity HR Solutions Private Limited, Madurai.
12 21.01.2023 A guest lecture on "Supply Chain Management" by Mr.B.Raju, Former DGM, BPL Medical Teechnologiest Pvt. Ltd., Palakkad
13 23.01.2023 A workshop on “Introduction to Finite Element Analysis & Simulation” by Mr.P.Maniraj, Design Engineer, Altair Engineering Pvt Ltd., Chennai.
14 23.01.2023 A seminar on “Archieving Problem-Solution fit and Product-Market Fit” by Mr.Karthikeyan Gowthaman, Wink Design, Madurai.
15 27.01.2023 A online Webinar on “Advanced Features and Toolboxes” in MATLAB R2022a by Mr.CH Ravindar Reddy, Application Engineer, DisingTech Systems Pvt. Ltd., Chennai.
16 28.01.2023 A guest lecture on IIC Self driven Activity-Session on "Maintenace and Trouble shooting of Electronic Applainces" by Mr.S.Sabarigirisan, Touch & Touch Institute of Communication Technology, Sivakasi.
17 28.01.2023 An alumni guest lecture on "Dynamic Programming and Molecular Docking" by Er.M. Sundaramahalingam, Research Scholar, NIT, Trichy
18 31.01.2023 A Gender Equity Programme for Women by Mrs.J.Meenakumari, ISO, Inner Wheel Club of Virudhunagar
19 04.02.2023 An guest lecture on Be Your Own CATALYST by Mrs.C. Meena, Counseling and Physiotherapy
20 07.02.2023 Competitions on Technical Word Hunt & Quintuples for first year students by Dr.S.Rajeshbabu, AP_MTR, KCET
21 07.02.2023 A workshop on “Role of dry mixes for Fasttrack Constructions” by Er.S.Vijayakumar, Marketing Manager, Ramco Cements Ltd.,
22 08.02.2023 A workshop on “Career Opportunities for Students in SAE India” by Dr. R. Kannan, Secretary Madurai Division - Southern Section SAE India
23 09.02.2023 A symposium for CSE department by Mr.K.R.D.Venkatesh, Technical Staff, ZOHO Corporation, Ms.S.Subanitha, Business Analyst, Tata Consultancy Services
24 14.02.2023 An awareness programme on Infosys Sprint Board Courses by Mrs.S.Athilakshmi, SPOC-Infosys, AP_CSE, KCET
25 15.02.2023 A wokrshop on "Tips & Tricks in C" by Mrs.P.Kavitha, AP_CSE
26 15.02.2023 to 16.02.2023 All India Seminar on “Challenges and Opportunities in Electric Vehicles” by Dr.N. Sivasubramanian, Chairman, IEI, Madurai Local Centre.
27 17.02.2023 An awareness seminar for Gate Exam by Mr.Rajesh Devarakonda, Senior Officer, Vishwa Gate.
28 17.02.2023 A special session on "Study Abroad and Overseas Job Opportunities" by Mr.Srinivas Sambandam, Founder & Managing Director of Galaxy Educational Consultants.
29 17.02.2023 A guest lecture on Research Opportunities and Modern Techniques in Agro Product Processing Industries by Er.P. Kaviraj, G.K. Coir Industry, Madurai.
30 21.02.2023 A guest lecture on "Placement Readlines" by Mr.M.Yogarajan, Senior Solution Architech - Cloud Transformation, Wipro Technologies, Chennai.
31 25.02.2023 An alumni guest lecture by Mr.Ananda Gogul, System Engineer Treinee, Infosys, Chennai, Mr.Mohammed Thamizul, Project Engineer, Wipro, Chennai & Mr.Prasanna Kumar, PG Student, BIT,
32 27.02.2023 A workshop on "AUTOSTAR" by Dr.N. Manivannan, Managing Director, Techland Automation, Trichy.
33 28.02.2023 Kamaraj Excellence Awards for Schools was organized and headed by Mrs.Nageswari, (Recipient of Dr.Radhakrishnan Award,)
34 03.03. 2023 Blood Donation Camp by The Chairman, Virudhunagar Hindu Nadars' V.Dhanasamy-Parimaladevi Medical Trust Blood Bank, Virudhunagar
35 07.03.2023 A guest lecture on “Research avenues and Entrepreneurial Opportunities” in Biotechnology by Dr.C. Ravinder Singh, Chief Scientist, Research and Innovation, Akash Plantations, L.L.C., Dubai, UAE
36 07.03.2023 A guest lecture on “Cyber Security” by Er.R. Kanagavel, Staff Security Engineering Plume Design Inc., Palo Alto, California, USA
37 11.03.2023 CSI organizes "Alumni Talk on Recent Trends in IT Industries" by Mr. Anand Muthu, Head of Engineering, Valtanix Inc.
38 11.03.2023 An Achievers Day - 2023 was celebrated and chaired by Mr. Anand Muthu, Head of Engineering, Valtanix Inc.
39 11.03.2023 An alumni guest lecture on Recent Trends in IT industry by Mr.C. Aribharathi, Test Engineer, Infosys, Trivandrum
40 13.03.2023 A seminar - Careers in Management for Engineers by Mr.Rohith.S, Public Speaker, Business Development Manager, Balsu's Success Academy, Madurai.
41 20.03.2023 An alumni guest lecture on “Insights of Clinical Trial Data Management Jobs in India” by Mr.G. Janakiraman, Send Anlayst Trainee, Xybion India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai.
42 21.03.2023 A guest lecture on “Preparedness of Engineering Students for Food Sector Industries” by Mr.J. Jaisinh Vaerker, Managing Director, The Peninsular Export Company Pvt. Ltd., Virudhunagar.
43 21.03.2023 A guest lecture on "Real World Applications of Distributed Systems" by Mrs.R.SaraswathiMeena, Assistant Professor, Department of Data science, Thiyagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai.
44 24.03.2023 A guest lecture on “Awareness Program on NISP” by Mr.S.Ramesh Prabhu, AP_EIE_KCET
45 25.03.2023 A hands on Trainig on Various Research Tools & Guidelines for Research Proposal Preparation by Dr.D.Devaraj, Professor, Dept. of EEE, kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education
46 25.03.2023 A hands on Training Program on "Outlook and OneDrive" for Non-Teachaing Staff by Mr.R.Sakthivel Murugan, AP_MECH
47 28.03.2023 A competition & guest lecture (MAKSFETE'23) by Dr.S. Murali Kanna, AP & Head, Depart. Of maths, University College of Engineering, Anna University, Ramanathapuram.
48 28.03.2023 FDP on "AWS Platform on AI & ML" by Mr.J. Jackson, Technical Trainer, Nuvepro Technolgies Pvt., Bangalore
49 29.03.2023 A One day Workshop on “MSC ADAMS” by Mr.S. Sheik Abdulla, Founder at Spart Future Technologies, Chennai.
50 30.03.2023 A guest lecture on "Awareness about PCOS" for Teaching and Non Teaching Lady faculty Members by Dr.M.S.Jaslyndevakirubai, MDRD.
51 31.03.2023 A seminar on “Career Opportunities in CSIR Laboratories” by Dr.N. Vijayan, FASCH, MNASC, Senior Principal Scientist, Head, In-House ENG, CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi.

S.No. Date Name of the Programme
1 08.04.2023 Guest lecture on “Research and Technology Transfer” was organized
2 10.04.2023 Alumni interaction on "Career Guidance" was organized.
3 02.04.2023 KCET Build-A-Thon 2023 on the theme "Product development contest" was organized.
4 03.04.2023 Mini-Techno vision was conducted for all branches
5 13.04.2023 Workshop on An entrepreneurship Inspiration talk on "Thadai Athai Udai" was organized
6 13.04.2023 Seminar on Arts of Research Paper Writing was organized
7 17.04.2023 to 18.04.2023 12 hours Precursor Training on "Japanese Management Practices and Introduction to Industrial Automation" was organized.
8 18.04.2023 to 19.04.2023 Workshop on "Undertaking Japanese Management practices and Introduction to Industrial Automation" was organized.
9 20.04.2023 Alumni guest lecture was organized
10 20.04.2023 12 Hours Precursor Training on "Japanese Management Practices and Introduction to Industrial Automation" was organized by M/s. SMC Pneumatics Corporation India Pvt Ltd. Chennai.
11 26.04.2023 Lecture meeting was conducted
12 26.04.2023 ISTE Student Chapter Competition "Treasure Hunt-Your Treasure, Your Mind" was conducted
13 26.04.2023 ISTE sponsored Poster Presentation event on "Traditional Indian Practices in Elimination of Lifestyle Diseases" was organized.
14 24.06.2023 to 29.04.2023 A Three day Advanced Training on “Industrial Automation using Pneumatics” was organized by M/s. SMC Pneumatics Corporation India Pvt Ltd. Chennai.
15 06.05.2023 Guest lecture on “Knowledge is Power” was organized.
16 16.05.2023 Guest lecture on “Machine Learning and IoT for Engineering Applications” was organized.
17 16.05.2023 Guest lecture on “Data Mining and its future trends in Research” was organized.
18 25.05.2023 to 27.05.2023 A three days FDP on "Principles of Cyber Security" was organized
19 27.05.2023 Guest lecture on “Uniformed EngineersTO Pride of Defence Forces" was organized.
20 21.06.2023 Guest lecture, Competitions TO Sports were organized for International Yoga Day 2023.
21 22.06.2023 A Two Day Workshop on "Semiconductor Design" was organized
22 28.06.2023 Guest lecture on “YathumanavalTO Empowering Girls” was organized.

S.No. Date Name of the Programme
1 05.07.2023 to 07.07.2023 A Three day FDP on "Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality and Its Applications & (Hybrid Mode) was organized.
2 01.07.2023 E-Sevai training programme for the public was organized.
3 01.07.2023 Peer enablement programme was organized.
4 11.07.2023 to 12.07.2023 A two day hands on workshop on "Cycle Design Challenge" was organized.
5 11.07.2023 to 15.07.2023 FDP on "Full Stack Development" was organized.
6 11.07.2023, 13.07.2023 & 14.07.2023 FDP on "Internet of Things" was organized.
7 07.12.2023 Workshop on Google Certification was organized.
8 13.07.2023 Seminar - AI Tools Awareness Program was organized.
9 15.07.2023 Cultural programme for Kamarajar 121st Birthday Celebration 2023 was organized.
10 17.07.2023 to 22.07.2023 AU Sponsored a six days faculty development training program on "Additive Manufacturing" was organized.
11 20.07.2023 to 22.07.2023 A Three day FDP on Hands-on Machine Learning Algorithms / Deep Learning using Python was organized.
12 21.07.2023 Webinar on "Building Data Pipelines for Automotive Data Analysis" was organized.
13 22.07.2023 HR Conclave in Association with ICTACT was organized.
14 28.07.2023 Guest lecture on "Resume Writing and Interview Presentation" was organized.
15 30.07.2023 FDP on "Edifying Research Competence" was organized.
16 01.08.2023 Hands-on workshop on Virtual Lab was organized.
17 03.08.2023 Advanced training on "Industrial Pneumatic Controls" was organized.
18 02.08.2023 Alumni guest lecture on "Higher Study and Career Opportunities in UAE" was organized.
19 07.08.2023 to 12.08.2023 A Six day value added course on "Advanced Industrial Automation" was organized.
20 07.08.2023 Workshop on "How to plan for Startup and Legal & Ethical Steps" was organized.
21 08.08.2023 Seminar on "Food Safety Awareness" was organized.
22 08.08.2023 Guest lecture on "Employability Enhancement Programme on PictoBlox" was organized.
23 09.08.2023 Invited Talk from Industrial expert on "IBM Skills Build - Cyber Security Awareness" was organized.
24 09.08.2023 Alumni guest lecture on "Scope of Biotechnology in IT Companies" was organized.
25 11.08.2023 Guest lecture on "Awareness Programme on Quality and Standards" was organized.
26 11.08.2023 to 14.08.2023 A three day workshop for ADS students on "Spring into Action: Mastering Hibernate and Struts" was organized.
27 15.08.2023 Independence day celebration was organized.
28 17.08.2023 Guest lecture on "Awareness about Higher Studies in Abroad for Mechatronics Engineering" was organized.
29 18.08.2023 Workshop on "Edge Computing in Manufacturing" was organized.
30 21.08.2023 Workshop on "An Interactive Session on "How to be a Great Entrepreneur"
31 24.08.2023 Workshop on "Block Chain" was organized.
32 25.08.2023 Alumni interaction program on Entrepreneurship was organized.
33 25.08.2023 26 of our students from standards club from Mechanical have attended quiz program on "BIS standards and quality" which was conducted for standard club members.
34 25.08.2023 All Final year Mechanical Engineering students participated ISTE Event "Mr.Artificer" was organized.
35 21.08.2023 Alumni guest lecture on "Higher Study Opportunities in Central Universities" was organized.
36 29.08.2023 Onam celebration 2023 was organized.
37 28.08.2023 to 01.09.2023 A five day FDP on "Ethical Hacking Tools and Techniques" was organized.
38 01.09.2023 Guest lecture on "Self-Empowerment and Emotional Health Well Being" was organized.
39 05.09.2023 Guest lecture on "Attitude and Work Ethics for Successful Career" was organized.
40 11.09.2023 to 15.09.2023 DRDO-sponsored on "Five Day Short Term Training"(Online Mode) was organized.
41 12.09.2023 Book Review competition was organized.
42 13.09.2023 Alumni Interaction on "Unity - Game Development" was organized.
43 13.09.2023 to 15.09.2023 A three day workshop on "Red Hat Linux Administration" was organized.
44 14.09.2023 Cultural Programme for Vinayakar Chathurthi Celebration 2023 was organized.
45 13.09.2023 Seminar on “Drones Technology” was organized.
46 19.09.2023 Alumni guest lecture on "Higher Studies Opportunities in Abraod for Mechatronics Engineers" was organized.
47 19.09.2023 Alumni interaction on "Mastering Job Interview: Proven Strategies for Success" was organized.
48 19.09.2023 Science quiz competition 2023 was organized.
49 20.09.2023 to 22.09.2023 A three day workshop on "Red Hat Linux Administration" was organized.
50 21.09.2023 Guest lecture on "Stress Management in Natural Ways" was organized.
51 22.09.2023 Creative “Bookmark Design Competition” was organized.
52 24.09.2023 Alumni Meet (Online Mode) was organized by Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
53 24.09.2023 Alumni Meet (Online Mode) was organized by Department of Bio Technology .
54 24.09.2023 Alumni Meet (Online Mode) was organized by Department of Information Technology.
55 25.09.2023 State level workshop on "Public Financial Management System with special reference to TSA/CAN/SNA" was organized.
56 29.09.2023 to 30.09.2023 A two day workshop on "Agile Project Development with Scrum" was organized.
57 29.09.2023 Guest lecture on "Fake News and Information Literacy Separating fact from fiction" was organized.
58 30.09.2023 Alumni guest lecture on "Career Guidance" was organized.
59 30.09.2023 Guest lecture on "Simulation and Testing of AC Machines in Altair SimLab" was organized.
60 30.09.2023 Alumni Interaction was organized by Department of Bio Technology

S.No. Date Name of the Programme
1 06.10.2023 Organized a guest lecture on "Winning Habits".
2 09.10.2023 to 13.10.2023 Organized an ICT Academy sponsored a Five days FDP on “AWS Cloud Solution Architect”.
3 09.10.2023 to 14.10.2023 Organized a Skill India Sponsored Six Day Hands on workshop on “Two Wheeler Assembly and Disassembly”.
4 13.10.2023 Organized a guest Lecture on "Scientific Patriotism".
5 16.10.2023 Organized an ISTE competition "presentation on Repair and rehabilitation of structures with Case study”.
6 19.10.2023 Organized an Alumni Interaction on "Shift Left Software and Tech Trends"
7 25.10.2023 Organized an ISTE Student Chapter - Model making Competition.
8 26.10.2023 Organized a One-day hands-on workshop on “Internet of Things”.
9 26.10.2023 Organized a guest lecture on "Data Engineering".
10 26.10.2023 Organized an alumni guest lecture on “Management and Business Support in IT”.
11 26.10.2023 Organized a workshop on "Fire Safety Awareness".
12 27.10.2023 Organized a guest lecture on "Intrusion detection in IT Industry".
13 01.11.2023 Organized an ISTE sponsored a two day hands-on workshop for our second year CSE and ADS students - Applications Development With Java Database Connectivity.
14 01.11.2023 to 03.11.2023 Organized a Three - Day Hands-on workshop on “Looking Beyond Pixels: Practical Applications of Computer Vision"
15 02.11.2023 Organized an ISTE Student Chapter Competition "Poster Presentation about Chandrayan 3 and Adithya L1".
16 05.11.2023 Organized a Design Contest - Thinkathon 2023 for all the Second Year Students.
17 07.11.2023 Organized a contest on “Exploration of AI Tools”.
18 15.11.2023 Organized a guest lecture on "Overview of Competitive Exams Selection & an outline on Work of JDO".
19 15.11.2023 Organized a guest lecture on "Opportunities of Civil Engineer.
20 17.11.2023 Organized an awareness programme on "Entrepreneurship".
21 23.11.2023 Organized a one day technical workshop and idea contest on “Sustainable Biotechnology: Bodhgaya-2k23”.
22 25.11.2023 Organized a competition for Election Awareness 2023.
23 02.12.2023 Organized a guest lecture on "Merry Campus".
24 11.12.2023 to 16.12.2023 Organized the AICTE Training and Learning (ATAL) Sponsored one week FDP on "Quantum Computing Revolution: Shaping The Future of Technology".
25 11.12.2023 Organized a guest lecture on "Technology Business Incubation Awareness Program".
26 22.12.2023 Organized a guest lecture on “Ramanujam's Works on Number Theory”.


S.No. Date Name of the Programme
1 08.01.2024 A guest lecture on "Design Now Workshop on Autodesk Fusion 360" was organised.
2 27.12.2023 to 09.01.2024 Conducted Sure Soft C Programming Training.
3 09.01.2024 Awareness Programme on Niral Thiruvizha was organised.
4 11.01.2024 Kamaraj Grand Festival 2024 - Cultural Competitions were organised.
5 12.01.2024 & 13.01.2024 Pongal Festival 2024 - Cultural Programe was organised.
6 22.01.2024 A guest lecture on "How to face an Interview" was organised.
7 22.01.2024 to 24.01.2024 A three day Residential Program "RYLA" for all Second Year CSE, ADS, EEE and CIVIL students by Virudhunagar Rotary Club was organised.
8 23.01.2024 Seminar on "How to Excel in Writing the Research Articles and Research Proposals" was organised.
9 23.01.2024 A guest lecture on "Future Paths: A Forum with Accoplished Alumni" was organised.
10 24.01.2024 5th State Level Book Review Competition 2024 was organised.
11 29.01.2024 Guest Lecture on "Diverse Career Paths through Japanese Language" was organised.
12 29.01.2024 Self Defence program "Taekwondo" was organised.
13 29.01.2024 to 31.01.2024 A three day Residential Program "RYLA" for all Second Year BT, ECE, MECH, IT and MTRE students by Virudhunagar Rotary Club was organised.
14 30.01.2024 A guest lecture on "Design Thinking Aspects in Biological Research" for III Year Students was organised.
15 31.01.2024 A guest lecture on "National Startup Day Celebration" was organised.
16 01.02.2024 Microsoft Student Club Inauguration was organised.
17 03.02.2024 Award Ceremony for Schools & Teachers (KAMARAJ EXCELLENCE AWARD 2024) was organised.
18 05.02.2024 to 08.02.2024 and 12.02.2024 Industry Certified Value Added Programme on "ALGAL Technology and Applications" was organised.
19 02.07.2024 Debug Fest for Second CSE Students was organised.
20 02.09.2024 Cultural Programe (Tech-O-Fest 2024) was organised.
21 02.12.2024 A guest lecture on "Career Opportunities in App Development" was organised.
22 12.02.2024 to 17.02.2024 Anna University Sponsored FDP on "Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning" was organised.
23 12.02.2024 to 17.02.2024 Value added Course on "Mastering the Art of Coding" – Batch 3 was organised.
24 12.02.2024 to 15.02.2024 Value Added Course on "3D Modelling, Interior and Elevation Designing" was organised.
25 13.02.2024 to 19.02.2024 Collaboration with CIPET Madurai, the Value Added Course on "CAD using Unigraphics-NX" was organised.
26 13.02.2024 A guest lecture on "Advanced Construction Practices in Civil Engineering" was organised.
27 13.02.2024 A guest lecture on "How to prepare Technical Posters" for their third year students was organised.
28 14.02.2024 ISTE Sponsored Student Chapter event named “MODEL MANIA: Art of Model Making” was organised.
29 14.02.2024 A guest lecture on "Positive Mental Health: Resilience and Coping with Stress" was organised.
30 14.02.2024 A guest lecture on "Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning" was organised.
31 14.02.2024 Innovation in Banking sector through Technological aspects was organised.
32 14.02.2024 "Sparsh Leprosy Awareness Programme" was organised.
33 15.02.2024 Orientation programe on "Career Guidance on Government Jobs" was organised.
34 16.02.2024 Hands on Session on "Machine Learning using Python" was organised.
35 19.02.2024 Faculty Skill Development Program on "Demonstration on LORA-WAN Technology" was organised.
36 20.02.2024 Opportunities for Higher Studies in Abroad was organised.
37 21.02.2024 An awareness program on Startup was organised.
38 21.02.2024 ISTE student chapter - workshop on “CAN Protocol-Design, Development, Testing tools and techniques for automotive and industrial applications” was organised.
39 23.02.2024 & 24.03.2024 A two day Advance Training of "Industrial Pneumatic Controls" was organised.
40 24.02.2024 A session on the topic " Forest Conservation and Management" was organised.
41 24.02.2024 Workshop on Entrepreneurship Skill, Attitude & Behavior Development was organised.
42 24.02.2024 An alumni guest lecture on “Expectations in IT industries” was organised.
43 24.02.2024 Parents Teachers Meeting was conducted.
44 28.02.2024 National Science Day – Competitions on "Sir. C.V. Raman's Discovery" were organised.
45 28.02.2024 Research Orientation for all the First Year Students to motivate them to pursue Research work was organised.
46 02.03.2024 Celebration of World Water Day was organised.
47 02.03.2024 A guest lecture on "Career Opportunities in Learning Manager" was organised
48 02.03.2024 World Mother language Day competition was organised.
49 03.03.2024 Poster Making and Slogan Writing Competitions were organised.
50 02.03.2024 A one fay workshop on "Vedic Mathematics" was organised.
51 06.03.2024 Symposium "NICTITATE '24" was organised.
52 07.03.2024 to 05.04.2024 "HackHub" - Coding Practice was organised.
53 07.03.2024 Symposium "KREATIV'24" was organised.
54 07.03.2024 Effective Public Speaking was organised.
55 08.03.2024 to 16.03.2024 QuarkSek Hackathon 2024 was organised.
56 08.03.2024 International Women's Day was celebrated
57 11.03.2024 to 27.03.2024 PHP & MYSQL Training for non-placed students was organised.
58 15.03.2024 Alumni Interaction "Generative AI" was organised.
59 16.03.2024 National Level Technical contest "TECEE24" was organised.
60 16.03.2024 World Earth Day - 2024 was celebrated.
61 16.03.2024 A guest lecture on “தென்னரில்லா தமிழ்” was organised.
62 19.03.2024 to 28.03.2024 Placement Training on "Problem Solving using Java" was organised.
63 19.03.2024 to 23.03.2024 Training Program on "Goodle Sheet" for II & III year CSE & ADS was organised.
64 21.03.2024 C Training Progam for II CSE Students was organised.
65 21.03.2024 to 23.03.2024 A three day "Naan Muthalvan - Tital LeaAP Employablity Skill Development Program" was organised.
66 21.03.2024 A 10 day placement training on "Problem Solving using Java" for the Batch I of III year cse, IT & ADS students was organised.
67 22.03.2024 Precursor Training on "Understanding Japanese Management Practices and Introduction to Industrial Automation for II ECE students was organised.
68 22.03.2024 Workshop on "The Art of Emerging Powered AI Tools for Tomorrow's Tech" was organised.
69 25.03.2024 Session for III Year ECE students was organised to make them aware of the importance of Coding and Skill Rack in software company preparedness.
70 27.03.2024 KCET Build-A-Thon 2024 (An Intra College Level - Product Development Contest) was organised.
71 28.03.2024 Blood donation camp was conducted.